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Facebook: Irresponsible or just a bit of fun?

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Facebook: Irresponsible or just a bit of fun?
We would like to get your views on topics that affect practice in health care and for this debate we would like to explore the use of Facebook by healthcare staff and students.

Please use this learning resource in line with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trusts Email/Internet General use policy (7.14)

You are a healthcare professional. Like most of your friends and colleagues you use Facebook regularly to catch up with what's happening and share your views. Whilst checking up on Jenny, a friend with whom you went to university, you see a few unusual posts. She is usually happy and full of life but she seems to be a bit fed up. You find out from Facebook that Jenny has just started working in your healthcare trust, this is her first role as a qualified practitioner. Jenny has posted the following messages on her wall: " The staff are like the living dead here. The job from hell......". " What am i doing here? A vision of my life 30 years on. It isnt pretty."

In response to a separate post you have written, Jenny responded: "they have no respect for anyone here.....they can barely spare the time to talk to me". With a bit of detective work you could easily find out which area she is working in. You wonder what action, if any, you should take. It's about your Trust but not your area of work. It doesn't mention any names. It's ok to express an opinion isn't it?
Is it ok for Jenny to make these comments on Facebook?
Should you speak to your line manager about what you have seen on facebook?
Will you be implicated if you speak up?
Are you potentially implicated if you decide not to disclose what you have seen?